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Coyne Bio-Curcumin Advanced® with BCM95® & AKBAMAX® 60s


Curcumin is the most active constituent of turmeric and an incredibly potent botanical. Proven to support a healthy inflammatory response, this compound modulates inflammation and its damaging effects. Bio-Curcumin® BCM95™ uses market-leading BCM-95™ curcumin, as well as AKBAMAX® (a standardised extract of Boswellia serrata) which is an antioxidant known to support the maintenance of healthy joints and assist in reducing pain and inflammation.

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The benefits of many curcumin supplements are often hampered by poor absorption and limited availability. Bio-Curcumin® BCM95™ uses market-leading BCM-95™ curcumin, a patented combination of curcuminoids and ar-turmerone oil, which allows your body to efficiently deliver high levels of bioactive curcumin and whole turmeric into the blood stream.  

Bio-Curcumin® BCM95™ is a 100 % natural turmeric extract which delivers up to seven times more free and bioactive curcumin into the bloodstream than many regular curcumin extracts, plus it remains bio-active for over eight hours. Combining micronized curcumin with ar-turmerone provides greater potency, and it is backed by over 80 published clinical trials.   

Bio-Curcumin® Advanced with BCM95™ & AKBAMAX® also includes a standardised extract of Boswellia serrata containing a rich supply of AKBA and no other β-boswellic acids. AKBA (or 3-Acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid) has been shown to be the most potent anti-inflammatory component of Boswellia, whereas some other β-boswellic acids may exacerbate or compound the effects of pro-inflammatory enzymes. It therefore makes sense to consider supplementation rich in AKBA which is free from other β-boswellic acids for the purpose of of reducing pain and inflammation. AKBAMAX® is a proven antioxidant and is known to support the maintenance of healthy joints and assist in reducing pain and inflammation.  

Produced entirely from Green Energy, BCM95™ is recommended by health professionals and used by millions worldwide.