Gut Health & Mental Well-being Support on the Expresso Show

By Daniella Frymer

| 19 June 2024

Our first-ever season on the Expresso Show focused on the crucial and pertinent concern of gut health.

Gut Health & Mental Well-being Support on the Expresso Show

Our first-ever season on the Expresso Show focused on the crucial and pertinent concern of gut health.

Expresso Show Season 1 Recap 

Topics such IBS management and the relationship between gut health and mental well-being were covered. Guests such as Chef Ollie and Dr. Michael Mol featured as guests on the show, along with Dietician Claire McMahon and Integrative Nutritionist Heléne Heroldt, making it a highly educational and enlightening season. 

Episode 1: Exploring Gut Health & The Phytoceutics Range 

The first episode of the Expresso Show featured Laura Johnston, CEO of Phytoceutics and nutritional health coach, and Chef Ollie, a celebrity chef who featured in Phyto Food Pairings- a series of cooking episodes that highlighted key ingredients that contribute to alleviating health concerns, and paired them with Phytoceutics supplements to make delicious and nutritious dishes. The focus of the episode was the importance of gut health in relation to one’s overall health. 

Laura explained that gut health is important due to the gut-brain axis, contributes to immune health, cognitive health, and mood, and plays a crucial role in digestion and the absorption of ingredients; as the quality of food decreases, the importance of probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes is more important than ever before. Laura added that while taking nutritional supplements is necessary, one should still focus on including a healthy and nutritional diet in their lifestyle. Phytoceutics Ceregut®, a highly-effective probiotic option that works on the gut-brain axis to help promote optimal gut health, was recommended. 

Chef Ollies Bean Gratin: 

Episode 2: How To Manage IBS with Phytoceutics 

In episode two of the Expresso Show, Laura was joined by Dietician Claire McMahon to discuss the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), with the use of pre, pro, and postbiotics, namely Phytoceutics Bettergut® – consisting of all three. IBS was described as the dysfunction of the gut, leading to heightened pain receptors, bloating and discomfort, diarrhoea, and constipation. Laura elaborated that everyone’s circumstances may be different, and, therefore, different gut health products may be necessary.

Claire explained that modern diets do not necessarily contain all the nutrients and fibres needed for optimal gut health, which plays a part in IBS, and further explained how a low FODMAP diet (reduced fermentable substances that cause an overgrowth of the bacteria that cause IBS symptoms) might be the necessary treatment for IBS. However, she emphasised that one should not cut out carbohydrates as it is important to include fibre in one’s diet. Laura suggested that individuals detect what their trigger foods are, work with a nutritionist or dietician to discover their unique needs, and give supplementation time to work as it should in order to start feeling results.  

On the third episode of the Expresso Show, Dr Michael Mol discussed how the gut is linked to mental health. He pointed out how the gut is our second brain, or our “gut brain”, and how if you have a healthy gut, your mental health will follow suit, and vice versa. Dr Michael Mol explained how probiotics promote a regular gut balance, reduce inflammation, and buffer the body’s stress response.

He debunked common misconceptions about the gut-brain axis and explained how the concept is science and research-backed, and how focusing on your gut health is not just for individuals with digestive issues- but it can massively improve the mental health of individuals too. It was noted that a healthy lifestyle including a nutritionally balanced diet featuring pre and probiotics as well as whole foods, regular exercise, and managing stress is very important in promoting gut health. Phytoceutics Ceregut® and Bettergut®, a much-loved pre, post, and probiotic, were highlighted as the necessary supplements to take with these healthy lifestyle habits. 

Episode 4: Debunking Gut Health with Phytoceutics 

On the final episode of the second season of Phytoceutics’s feature on the Expresso Show, myths revolving around gut health were debunked by Laura and Integrative Nutritionist Heléne Herholdt. Laura illustrated how prebiotics, found in foods like whole grains and vegetables, nourish probiotics (which are beneficial bacteria in the gut), how probiotics, available in foods like kefir, support gut health directly, and how postbiotics are the byproducts of probiotic activity that also contribute to gut health by eliminating unhealthy gut bacteria.

Heléne pointed out how gut-related issues such as bloating, diarrhoea, and indigestion can be treated by including a low-inflammatory diet rich in fibre, and avoiding trigger foods like sugar, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. She also suggested practising mindful eating, staying hydrated, and taking digestive enzymes to aid digestion, and how they should be taken 30 minutes prior to a meal. Two great supplements highlighted that can promote digestion and a healthy gut were Terranova Digestive Enzyme Complex and Terranova Probiotic Complex with Prebiotics

The first season of the Expresso show proved to be an accomplished educational exploration of the ins and outs of gut health, showcasing effective ways to enhance it through lifestyle adjustments and dietary changes. By incorporating simple lifestyle modifications, and with the use of high-quality supplements, you can pave the way towards achieving your best gut health yet. 

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