Couch Conversations Episode 1 Recap 

By Daniella Frymer

| 2 July 2024

Our brand-new series Phyto Couch Conversations is a look into various topics revolving around nutritional supplements and the nutraceutical industry, featuring various key opinion leaders and professionals.

Couch Conversations Episode 1 Recap 

Our brand-new series Phyto Couch Conversations is a look into various topics revolving around nutritional supplements and the nutraceutical industry, featuring various key opinion leaders and professionals.

Each episode, we invite a new guest onto the couch to speak about prevalent and educational topics as requested by our customers.  

Liposomal Technology and Supplements 

In the very first episode of the Phytoceutics Couch Conversations Series, Head Trainer and Sales Rep Bernadine Jansen van Vuuren was invited to discuss the use of liposomal technology in supplement formation.  

The Challenges of Traditional Delivery Systems for Supplements 

Bernadine kicked off by explaining how a traditional delivery system of a supplement is one where a nutrient is powdered and formed into a capsule or a tablet- this has many challenges. One of the major challenges is that the GI tract is water-based, and if an individual is to ingest a supplement that is not water-based, it might be difficult for the body to absorb it. Traditional delivery systems also require a strong digestive system in order to have the nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream.  

How Do Liposomes Overcome These Challenges? 

The use of liposomes as delivery vehicles of nutrients is a way to overcome this challenge. Bernadine described a liposome as both a water and fat-loving nano-sized fatty body that takes on the form of a bubble, and moves easily across the cell membrane to get absorbed into the bloodstream. It was illustrated how liposomes arrange themselves in a phospholipid lipid bylayer, which resembles cell membranes in the body, and encapsulates the nutrient, making transportation around the body easier as it is recognised by the cells. It was further added how liposomes also act as carriers, protecting the nutrient from the harsh environment while travelling through the body.

They also protect against any gut irritation that the nutrient could cause. This means that absorption of the nutrient itself is higher, making it more bioavailable. It was noted how the fatty layer of the phospholipids gets incorporated into the cell membrane, which can be damaged by free radicals, ageing, and oxidation caused by factors such as pollution. These phospholipids incorporate into the cell membrane itself when it needs extra repair. 

Scientific Backing of Liposomal Technology 

In terms of scientific backing and trials, Bernadine explained that since the 1960s, there have been more than fifty thousand published clinical trials on liposomes, and liposomal technology is continually researched as it is a niche market with great potential. More and more ways to develop liposomes have come about, making them easier and cheaper to produce, leading to them being utilised in the production of more supplements, and even in food and cosmetics. Vitamin C was identified as a nutrient that thrives with liposomal technology as the ascorbic acid can irritate the gut and cause heartburn and kidney stones.  

What is FenuMAT Technology? 

FenuMAT is developed from a prebiotic fibre called galactomannan, originating from fenugreek seeds, and creates a gel scaffold for the nutrient to sit in, protecting it from the harsh environment of the body. Similar to liposomes, this enhances the absorption of the nutrient. The nutrient expands in the aqueous environment in the gut, and the fibre slows down the absorption of the nutrient, increasing the sustained release of the nutrient, stopping it from being eliminated by the kidneys or the liver. 

Liposomal and FenuMAT Supplements in the Phytoceutics Portfolio 

Bernadine stated how some nutrients work better with liposomal technology, and some favour FenuMAT technology; Phytoceutics uses CELLg8 technology, a leading US manufacturer with 20+ years of experience in the manufacturing of liposomes. FenuMAT, developed by AK, a leading nutraceutical developer that has done extensive research on the technology, is also used in the Phytoceutics portfolio.

Resveratrol™ and Quercetin make use of FenuMAT technology as they are known to be nutrients that naturally have poor bioavailability and solubility in the body. FenuMAT technology is eco-friendly and completely natural. In the liposomal portfolio, you will find Biomax Vitamin C Liposomal, Bio-Milk Thistle Complex Liposomal, and Biomax Glutathione Liposomal, as well as Biomax Vitamin B Complex Liposomal.  

How Cost-Effective are these Technologies? 

It was noted that the cost of supplements that use either liposomal or FenuMAT technology might be higher, however, it may work out as more value for money. Due to the increased absorption, an individual would need less of the nutrient to reap the benefits of it. This is also why the milligrams of the active ingredient might be less than in other supplements where traditional delivery systems have been used.  

Our first episode of Couch Conversations shed light on a concept that, while maybe unfamiliar to some, has proven to be highly significant in supplement development. As research evolves in the coming years, liposomal technology is expected to become even more important and prevalent in the nutraceutical industry.  

Check out the full episode on our Youtube channel here: 

 0:192:11 Challenges of Traditional Delivery Systems  

2:136:14 Liposomal Technology 

 6:157:52 Scientific Backing 

 9:3210:54 FenuMAT Technology 

 10:5511:48 The Importance of Slow Absorption of Supplements  

11:4913:18 Technologies Used by Phytoceutics  

13:1914:45 Drawbacks of Liposomal & FenuMAT Technology 

 14:4616:47 Products in the Phytoceutics Range Using Liposomal & FenuMAT Technology  

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