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Terranova Probiotic Complex with Prebiotics


Terranova Probiotic Complex with Prebiotics incorporates a unique blend of Rosell microflora strains (which have been extensively studied and most heavily researched for their efficacy & stability) and specific soluble fibres, in order to improve the efficacy of beneficial bacteria. 

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There is extensive evidence to support the use of a combination of microflora and specific soluble fibres to improve the efficacy of the beneficial bacteria. They appear to work in a symbiotic manner, meaning that they work together for mutual advantage.  

The suppliers/manufacturers of Terranova microflora strains, Lallemand and CHR Hansen are arguably the world’s leading authorities (and certainly the oldest and most experienced) in microflora technology and research. The unique blend of Rosell microflora strains used in this product have been extensively studied and the Rosell strains are the most heavily researched for efficacy & stability. This is important as microflora supplements must reach the intestines and survive in the presence of gastric acid and bile in order to be effective. While many microflora products can be classified as ‘dairy free’, they have generally been cultured from dairy at some point which is technically not ‘vegan’.  

The strains in this product are grown on soya and therefore 100 % dairy free. The cultures are not included at mega doses as research has shown that this blend is effective at this level. Rosell microflora strains are the most researched for efficacy & stability and are the lowest priced premium probiotic on the market.  

In addition to the naturally occurring soluble fibres in the MAGNIFOOD COMPLEX, this product contains larch tree arabinogalactan which is a naturally occurring microflora-enhancing fibre. It is not digested, but rather passes through into the large intestine where it is fermented by friendly intestinal microflora, thereby increasing beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. Larch tree arabinogalactan increases short chain fatty acid (SCFA) and lowers the colon pH, which is thought to support optimal digestive health. Additionally, larch tree arabinogalactan has been shown to support healthy immunity. 100 mg of fructo-oligosaccharides are also included in this formula. The strains used in this product are stable at room temperature and therefore the product does not need to be refrigerated.