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Always a good thing to take Bio-curcimun. Love the product. Was on special - less 30%, which was great. Ordered a whole lot but see now that it is expiring at the end of November, not sure if I'll get through them all by then 🙁


I love this product!! It has the best balance of ingredients for the best absorption. Been using it for years and don't want to be without it. Best natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Great product

Great product noticing the difference in my skin.

Does the job

Great product that does the job.

Easy to digest before working out

Great product. Easy on the stomach and nice taste first thing in the morning.

No aches and pains

Im training for a marathon and taking just 2 of these every day is removing any pain and inflammation. Love it!

Bettergut FTW!

I felt a tiny bit bloated for the first week until my body adapted and after that my gut health has improved dramatically. I’ve enjoyed more regular bowel movement, less bloating, improved skin health and mood (when I take it with Ceregut).

Tastes like blueberries

Very nice tasting iron supplement. Easy in the digestive system.

Excellent product & offer

Combined with great service= winning combination .

Tasty treat!

Bought and finished this Bit B-12 spray and loved the flavour and spray sensation over the usual pill method. Fun, and great tasting!

Clean Vitamins - Coyne Purest Omega 3.

I am always looking for FDA approved Vitamins, or the cleanest, purest vitamins on the market. Coyne Purest Omega 3 is one of those products that I have found not to be filled with mercury or any synthetic bi-products.

Favourite product

Been using the vitamin B12 Oral Spray for 3 months now. I have noticed such a difference in my energy! I moved to Ireland, and now bulk buy this spray and the Vitamin D3 Oral Spray - can’t live without it now! Also the taste is the best part.

Helps with inflamation

Have been using Bio-Curcumin for almost 2 years now and am convinced that it has helped ease inflamation in my body. No more arthritis pain in my fingers 🙂

Love this product!

I started taking Reversatrol to help with blood sugar control but actually started noticing that my skin health has improved as an additional benefit. It’s smoother and just looks healthier.

Radiant Skin

Been using Reversatrol for a month, it has given my skin a natural glow, removed blemishes and dark circles. My skin's elasticity has improved as well.

Glowing Skin!

I have only used Reversatrol for a couple of weeks now, and can already see the difference in my skin, especially around my eyes where the fine lines and wrinkles are starting to appear. I notice a definite change in my skin elasticity too! Great product!


So far so good has made a big impact in my life ....have been on the product for a week and all I can say is WOW the products work ..I feel alive again and I am so grateful that I found out about this company and their products ..keep up the great work of making products that work I will keep using them I'm telling everyone about the product...but find it's always sold out so please stock up

Only judt started to profuct 3 days ago. But have taken Curcumin for sommetime. Ordered your product because my husband takes Bio-Berberine, recomended by his health practisioner.

Coyne Felix® affron®
Charmaine Viljoen

Coyne Felix® affron®

Coyne Felix® affron®
Megan Lindner

Coyne Felix® affron®

Coyne Origine 8

So far so good. Recommended to me by my nutritionist for post-cancer treatment care and it's part of my arsenal to prevent recurrence. Does not taste bad or leave any aftertaste.


I struggle with being regular and bloating (and fatigue) in general. I have been using Bettergut for a month and I can honestly say it has helped me so much. I take them in the morning on an empty stomach (before breakfast) - no nausea.
I have been using it in conjunction with the Phytoceutics Vit B oral spray and my energy levels are noticeably better.

Best I have ever used

I have been taking Purest Omega 3 in high doses for 3 months.
My mood lifted, my depression vanished, my skin tone and texture changed, I lost alot of fat and my skin therapist couldn't believe how young my facial skin is looking.

Coyne Bio-Berberine® Advanced
Boitumelo Tshenkeng
Berberine advanced

This was a great find for me. It has improved my metabolism, I always struggled with constipation and as a result bloating & belly fat. This is my second order since seeing results from my from my first batch. I love it.

Terranova Zinc 15 mg Complex
Edward E
Top Notch Clean Zinc Product

Study the ingredients and discover how “clean” the ingredients really are and how they are rapidly and easily absorbed by one’s body function. Added to this is the absence of fillers that are commonly used in supplement fabrication.