Muscle Size and Function in Older Adults

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| 12 June 2023

In this episode of the Real Health Show, Dr. Paulo sheds light on the connection between fatty fish consumption and muscle function in older adults.

Muscle Size and Function in Older Adults

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In this episode of the Real Health Show, Dr. Paulo sheds light on the connection between fatty fish consumption and muscle function in older adults.
Muscle Size and Function in Older Adults


As the world grapples with an ageing population, one health concern stands out – the age-related loss of muscle mass and function, also known as sarcopenia. This condition can lead to a reduced quality of life and an increased risk of falls, often resulting in hospitalization.

Although resistance exercises are known for their muscle mass and function improvement properties, their effectiveness is less pronounced in older adults due to ‘anabolic resistance’. 

The Power of Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

Interesting findings from population studies suggest a vital role for certain nutrients in muscle health. A notable link has been identified between the consumption of fatty fish and improved muscle function in older adults.

This implies a critical role for long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (LCn-3 PUFAs) in augmenting muscle mass and function in this age group.

Human research lends credence to these conclusions, showing that an 8-week LCn-3 PUFA supplementation regimen can stimulate muscle protein synthesis, while a 6-month regimen can lead to a significant increase in muscle volume and grip strength in adults over 60 years. 

Krill Oil: A Potent Omega-3 Source 

Despite previous discussions on omega-3 fatty acid supplements, one resource has not been extensively examined: krill oil. Originating from krill – crustaceans that primarily feed blue whales – krill oil possesses over 40% of its LCn-3 PUFAs in a phospholipid form. 

This unique characteristic amplifies its water solubility, enhancing absorption and bioavailability compared to other marine oil supplements. Learn more about what krill oil is here.

Krill oil isn’t just rich in omega-3; it also contains beneficial choline and astaxanthin. Choline plays a role in regulating intracellular calcium and muscle contraction, thereby contributing to muscle mass augmentation.

Astaxanthin, on the other hand, fosters muscle health by mitigating oxidative stress, promoting mitochondria regeneration, and supporting the formation of blood vessels. 

Clinical Evidence Supporting Krill Oil 

The effectiveness of krill oil isn’t just theoretical. A randomized control trial conducted by several global universities, including the University of Glasgow, lends strong empirical support.

The study revealed that a 6-month supplementation with krill oil significantly boosts knee extensor strength, grip strength, and skeletal muscle thickness in healthy older men and women. This indicates that krill oil is an effective strategy to ward off the loss of muscle function and size that comes with the ageing process. 

Phytopure Krill Oil: A top recommendation 

Phytopure Krill Oil contains Superba Krill, a patented form of krill oil that is derived from krill caught in Antarctica. Superba Krill is touted as being among the best krill oils in the world, primarily due to a unique extraction process that uses low temperature to minimize the potential for oxidation and removes salts to decrease unpleasant odours. 

The krill oil in this product contains omega-3 fatty acids, choline, and astaxanthin. Omega-3 fatty acids are presented as being crucial in overcoming anabolic resistance, a condition common in ageing and obesity where the activation of muscle protein production is less efficient.

Choline, a compound typically grouped with B vitamins, is mentioned for its importance in muscle contraction and the regulation of calcium inside cells.

Astaxanthin, a carotenoid that gives salmon its pink colour, is highlighted for its role in promoting the regeneration of mitochondria within muscle cells and reducing the premature death of muscle cells. 

Dr. Paulo, the expert in the transcript, recommends Phytopure Krill Oil as an excellent product for both preventing and combating muscle loss and dysfunction. He suggests that people do not need to wait until they notice signs of muscle loss before taking it, citing the additional benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for brain and cardiovascular health.  

This product offers a good alternative to traditional omega-3 supplements and is safe for most people, though those on blood thinners should consult with their healthcare practitioners before taking it. Phytopure™ Krill Oil is available in health shops and pharmacies. 


While the challenge of age-related muscle loss is daunting, a combination of fatty fish consumption, LCn-3 PUFA supplementation, and particularly krill oil supplementation may hold the key to overcoming it. Our in-depth discussion with Dr. Paulo has highlighted how the carefully sourced Superba Krill in Phytopure Krill Oil may play a significant role in muscle mass retention and overall function, a crucial aspect as we age.

Coupled with other potential benefits for brain and cardiovascular health, it serves as a reminder that proactive health maintenance can make a real difference in our quality of life.

Further exploration in this domain is warranted to uncover the full potential of these natural interventions in maintaining and enhancing muscle health in older adults. However, as with any health supplement, it’s vital to remember that individual health needs and conditions vary.

The addition of any supplement to a daily regimen should be done after consulting with healthcare professionals, particularly for those already on medications such as blood thinners. 

Phytoceutics™ is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication to natural medicine. It is the representation of a company that was started by a family and evolved into an international healthcare group that represents a number of innovative, high-quality, ethically-sourced nutraceutical products and brands.

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Season 16 is presented by Michael Porter, a wellness enthusiast, and is supported by well renowned Dr Paulo de Valdoleiros. In each episode they focus on a key concern and then tie it back to a product of that can provide a valuable solution. 

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