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Terranova Beauty Complex


Terranova Beauty Complex is a comprehensive formula comprising nutrients and botanicals that provide deep nourishment for hair, skin and nails. It features the building nutrients for collagen production and skin health, while also providing botanicals that contain specific beauty-supportive nutrients along with their naturally occurring, synergistic compounds to enhance absorption and bioavailability.

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This formula utilizes OptiMSM®, a patented MSM material that is well- documented and studied for safety and efficacy. MSM is shown to modulate inflammation and reduce oxidative stress, while contributing to the cross linking of proteoglycans/collagen (the structural framework in skin tissue). It is a key building block of keratin, the chief structural constituent of hair and nails.  

Other key nutrients for optimum skin integrity include Vitamin C, Zinc and Biotin, as well as Vitamin A and natural carotenoids (including natural beta carotene), needed for skin integrity and rich in skin-protecting antioxidants.  

The unique MAGNIFOOD COMPLEX contains botanicals and wholefood compounds that specifically support the multifaceted aspects of skin, hair and nail health, including building collagen, nourishing, detoxification, antioxidant protection and enhancing circulation.