Top 7 Health Concerns for Women Over 40

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Women in their 40’s often enter a transformative stage in their lives and may neglect their health. Here are some crucial ways to manage some top concerns.
Health Concerns for Women over 40

In light of Mother’s Day having just passed, let’s shift the spotlight onto an often-overlooked topic: The common health concerns for women over 40. As women enter their 40s, a transformative stage in their lives, they often find themselves playing dual roles – nurturing their families and steering their careers.

Unfortunately, this juggling act often means putting their own health on the back burner. This critical period demands heightened self-care, yet it’s frequently met with self-neglect.

Let’s focus on seven common health concerns that can affect women in their 40s, and the crucial steps to manage them effectively. Today, we’ll delve into 7 key health issues that may arise in women over 40. 

1. Vitamin Deficiencies

A prevalent concern for women in their 40s is vitamin D deficiency. If unchecked, this deficiency can lead to a loss of bone calcium and mass, thereby increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Vitamins B, Iron, and Riboflavin deficiencies are also common. Regular check-ups and a balanced diet can help maintain optimal vitamin levels.

A vitamin D3 supplement may help to maintain optimum levels for those who struggle to consume a sufficient intake. The Phytomist™ oral spray range including vitamin D3, vitamin D3 + K2 and vitamin B12 may provide a bioavailable solution.  

2. Diabetes

Several studies indicate that ageing increases the risk of diabetes, a risk that’s been on an alarming upswing across age groups in recent years. Factors like genetics, lack of exercise, and an unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to this onset.

Fortunately, diabetes can be managed with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and timely testing. In addition, one could supplement with Coyne Bio-Berberine® Complex which is shown to support healthy blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipid levels.

This product is also enhanced by the addition green tea extract and chromium for improved insulin sensitivity and more.

3. Menopause 

This natural phase marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle, typically occurring between 45-55 years of age. The perimenopause phase often starts in late 30s or early 40s and may lead to complications like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Regular monitoring of symptoms and expert guidance can help navigate this transition smoothly. Fatigue, insomnia and changes in mood often accompany hormonal changes during menopause which Coyne Felix® affron® may assist with. 

4. Osteopenia & Osteoporosis

Women in their 40s, especially those undergoing menopause, are more prone to osteopenia and osteoporosis. Both these conditions involve a decrease in bone density with osteopenia being the precursor to osteoporosis.

Regular bone densitometry tests, adequate vitamin D and curcumin intake, the right exercises, and a balanced diet can mitigate this risk. 

Curcumin is known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Curcumin has also been found to potentially control he actions of our bone cells and decrease bone loss.

For optimal joint health, consider Bio-Curcumin® BCM95® which uses market-leading BCM-95™ curcumin, which allows your body to efficiently deliver high levels of bioactive curcumin and whole turmeric into the bloodstream. 

Magnesium can also be crucial for bone health as it slows down the loss of calcium, while improving the absorption of calcium from food. The unique formulation of Coyne Biomax® Magnesium Complex ensures superior absorption and better bioavailability to get the best results. 

5. Heart Diseases

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in women and a cause of morbidity in this age group. Factors like poor eating habits, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise, and high cholesterol contribute to this risk. Additionally, oestrogen levels drop during menopause, increasing the chances of heart disease.

Phytopure™ Krill Oil can provide a unique advantage when it comes to supporting your heart as it contains both omega-3 fatty acids, contributing to normal heart function and choline, contributing to the maintenance of normal lipid metabolism, in a 2-pronged approach for heart health. Learn more about what krill oil is.

6. Breast Cancer

Women in their 30s and 40s are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Regular breast self-examinations, mammograms, and maintaining overall health can aid in early detection and treatment. 

7. Stress-Induced Mental Health Conditions

Stress is a part of life, but excessive stress can lead to mental health issues. The physiological changes during menopause, coupled with familial pressures, can make women more psychologically vulnerable. Timely identification and management of mental health issues like depression and anxiety are crucial to prevent complications.

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen found to increase the body’s resilience and ability to recover from physical and emotional stress by reducing and maintaining healthy levels of stress hormones like cortisol. Ceregut™ is a probiotic clinically proven to offer natural support for mood and stress through the gut-brain axis.

Felix Affron and Advanced Supplement

In celebrating Mother’s Day, let’s champion the health of all mothers. Regular health check-ups and screenings are invaluable in maintaining health and preventing future complications, whilst additional supplementation may also assist to. Women over 40, it’s your time to prioritize your well-being. After all, your health is your wealth. 

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