Supplementation during Menopause

Supplementation during menopause can assist with the risk of osteoporosis, physiological changes and chronic liver disease which can become prevalent during this time.

Risk of osteoporosis 

Developing osteoporosis is directly associated with the availability of oestrogen. Bone loss starts before cessation of the menstrual cycle and increases in post-menopausal years.  

To assist with absorption and preservation of calcium, supplementation with Vitamins D and K, as well as Magnesium may be beneficial.  

Vitamin D helps in the absorption and use of Calcium and phosphorus to maintain strong bones, and contributes to immune system function. Vitamin K contributes to bone maintenance and prevents loss of bone density in patients affected by secondary osteoporosis due to menopause. Magnesium slows down the loss of calcium, while improving the absorption of calcium from food. In addition, it assists with sleep disturbances, muscle function and heart health. 

Phytomist™ Vitamin D3 + K2 Oral Spray is a convenient way to deliver optimal levels of these vital vitamins. 

The unique formulation of Coyne Biomax® Magnesium Complex ensures superior absorption and better bioavailability to get the best results. 

Nervous system 

Fatigue, insomnia and changes in mood often accompany hormonal changes during menopause. Nervous system botanicals help the body to navigate physiological changes, bringing back balance and vitality. 

The formulation in Coyne Bio-Shoden® Ashwagandha provides a sufficient quantity of Withania somniferum to contribute as a potent nervous system aid, while Coyne Felix® affron® is a highly specialised saffron extract which maintains a healthy mood. 

Chronic liver disease 

Physiological changes during menopause may increase the risk of developing liver disease. A healthy liver is imperative to perform its multiple vital functions, including detoxification. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is probably the most studied natural liver tonic available. 

The standardized extract provided by Coyne Bio-Milk Thistle Complex Liposomal provides protection and helps repair liver tissue. 

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