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Coyne Biomax® PQQ with CoQ10


Biomax® PQQ with CoQ10 is a highly bioavailable complex of BioPQQ®, with MicroActive® 24-hour sustained-release CoQ10. Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is a powerful nutrient for cognitive health and age support. CoQ10 is an antioxidant and benefits cardiovascular health, cell growth and maintenance, and energy production. 

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PQQ is a powerful nutrient for brain health and an essential cofactor that induces the growth of new mitochondria in aging cells. CoQ10 provides support for cardiovascular health and plays a role in a range of functions, from cell growth and maintenance to energy production. CoQ10 is also a rich source of antioxidants, thereby protecting cells from oxidation and subsequent free radical damage.

Until recently, the only options for aging individuals to boost their declining mitochondrial numbers were long-term calorie restriction and exhaustive physical activity – often difficult or impractical for aging people. 

Biomax® PQQ pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is a novel vitamin B-like compound with potent antioxidant properties. Also known as methoxatin, it is found in plant foods and mother’s milk and promotes mitochondrial survival, proliferation and function at a cellular level. PQQ is also an essential cofactor for a variety of enzymes that have age support and neuroprotective properties.

Together, PQQ and CoQ10 work hand-in-hand to support mitochondria – the cells’ energy-producers. While CoQ10 optimizes mitochondrial function, PQQ activates genes that govern mitochondrial reproduction, protection, and repair. Together they modulate cellular signalling pathways and support optimal mitochondrial function. By protecting neurons and stimulating nerve growth, these two nutrients also support cognitive performance (including memory and attention) and protect cells from oxidative damage, which can lead to cognitive decline, neurodegenerative disease and cardiovascular problems.