Achieving Beauty from Within and Healthy Ageing On the Expresso Show

By Daniella Frymer

| 26 June 2024

In our second season with the Expresso Show, we delved into the topics of beauty from within and healthy ageing.

Achieving Beauty from Within and Healthy Ageing On the Expresso Show

In our second season with the Expresso Show, we delved into the topics of beauty from within and healthy ageing.
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Recap: This Season on the Expresso Show 

Laura Johnston, CEO of Phytoceutics, and various guests such as co-founder of Skin Republic Samantha Minnaar, MD and Aesthetic Specialist Dr Carmichael, as well as dermatologist Dr Lauren Knight and Nutritionist Heléne Herholdt, explored how detoxification, inflammation, and antioxidants in natural supplementation can contribute to overall beauty and health, emphasising the synergy between internal health and external appearance. 

Ep 1: Beauty from Within – The Synergy Between Supplements & Skincare  

In the first episode of season two, Laura and Samantha Minnaar, co-founder of Skin Republic, discussed the fundamental principles of beauty from within. They explained how detoxification, inflammation, and antioxidants play crucial roles in maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. Laura emphasised that true radiance starts from the inside out, and highlighted the importance of a healthy diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. She explained that detoxification plays a key role in skin clarity and is necessary to help treat conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

Samantha added that symptoms of inflammation include swelling, redness, and skin sensitivity. She also noted that the skin is the largest organ responsible for detoxification in our bodies, which is why breakouts may occur during detoxes. Key ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, various antioxidants, and SPF were identified as essential for skin care. Laura recommended Coyne Biomax® Glutathione Liposomal as a master detoxifier and antioxidant, as well as Terranova Beauty Complex, Phytoceutics Resveratrol™, and Coyne Purest Omega 3 Oill for overall skin health. 

Ep 2: Healthy Ageing – How to Slow Down the Ageing Process  

In episode two, Dr Carmichael, MD and Aesthetic Specialist at the Institute of Healthy Ageing in Cape Town, was invited on the show to discuss the concept of ageing, explaining that while ageing was once thought of as inevitable, research has shown that it can be influenced through lifestyle and supplementation. He introduced the “Hallmarks of Ageing,” including DNA damage, inflammation, and stem cell depletion.

Dr Carmichael emphasised the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including sleep, stress management, and diet, as a necessity that should go hand-in-hand with supplementation. He highlighted supplements such as Coyne Purest Omega 3 Oil, Phytoceutics Phytopure™ NMN + Fiestin, and Phytoceutics Phytopure™ Quercetin. He dispelled the myth that it is too late to improve health and encouraged individuals to choose high-quality supplements.

He also explained that many conditions can still be reversed or improved. Lastly, Dr Carmichael suggested choosing two to four high-quality supplements and getting the rest of your nutrients from food e.g. implementing a ‘rainbow plate’ full of fruit and vegetables at mealtimes. 

Ep 3: Beauty from Within – Advice on Skin, Hair, and Nail Health  

In the third episode of the Expresso show, Laura was joined by dermatologist Dr Lauren Knight to talk about the topic of healthy skin, hair, and nails. Laura and Dr Lauren discussed the importance of maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish these external features. Laura and Dr. Lauren detailed the connection between internal health and external appearance. They touched on various topics such as acne treatment, the role of probiotics and antioxidants, and hair loss due to nutrient deficiencies.

Dr Lauren explained how many acne-prone individuals have dysregulation in their gut microbiome, and how probiotics could treat this.  She further added how antioxidants have scientific evidence of successfully treating melasma and other sun-induced disorders. It was explained that certain deficiencies such as low iron and vitamin C deficiencies can manifest in the form of hair loss, and that supplementation can help treat this.

The importance of balanced supplementation was highlighted; Dr Lauren cautioned against excessive intake of supplements, advising individuals to focus on treating deficiencies first, and make sure they are taking the correct supplements for their needs. The episode featured products from the Phytoceutics range including Phytoceutics Phytomist ® Vitamin D3 Spray, BlueIron, probiotics, zinc, and omega-3 for the promotion of internal health for better skin, hair, and nails.  

Ep 4: Beauty from Within: Exploring the Essentials of Hair, Skin, and Nail Health & Healthy Ageing 

In the final episode of the Expresso Show, the focus shifted to healthy ageing. Topics from diet to skincare as well as nail health were covered. Laura, along with integrative nutritionist Heléne Herholdt, joined the discussion to share insights and debunk myths surrounding the concept of beauty from within. 

The conversation emphasised the importance of prevention in healthy ageing rather than waiting until signs of ageing appear. Topics like the role of diet, exercise, and the necessity of certain supplements were explored. On the topic of diet, Laura recommended cutting down on refined sugars and additives and sticking to whole foods.

Heléne explained that individuals should focus on low-intensity exercise daily to avoid raising their cortisol levels. Recommendations also included incorporating movement into daily life and considering personalised supplement regimens.

Viewer questions were addressed, covering topics such as the importance of antioxidants in combating ageing signs, preventing gray hair, and the benefits of collagen supplements for skin elasticity and overall health. 

Laura highlighted some of her go-to supplements, including Phytoceutics Phytopure™ NMN + Fiestin for mitochondrial support, Phytoceutics Phytopure™ Quercetin with pomegranate for antioxidant benefits, and various probiotics such as the Terranova Probiotic Complex with Prebiotics and Phytoceutics Ceregut® Probiotic for gut health and beyond. 

Our second season on the Expresso Show was an enlightening and educational look into all things beauty from within such as hair, skin, and nail health, as well as healthy ageing tips and how you can achieve optimal internal health to extend outwards using high-quality supplements and implementing a nutritionally balanced diet.  

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